Faux finishes in Wallpaper! Yep and it's like the real thing!

Faux finishes in Wallpaper! Yep and it's like the real thing!

You've seen it lately on TV and it's still a popular economic alternative to the real thing. Be it a stack stone wall, brick feature wall, industrial concrete look or pressed metal feature, we have them all

How many new homes today are featuring the real stack stone wallpaper feature walls? We all know that they can costs thousands but today the wallpapers are so realistic and at a fraction of the price. The method of installation is getting easier and they can all be easily removed when correct advice on installation is given. Most wallpapers today are called "non wovens". By this we mean that the wallpaper is applied direct to the wall once the wall is pasted. There is no need to run the wallpaper through the water! Non woven wallpapers come with their advantages. They have next to no seam shrinkage, you are using a dry product, so there is less mess and they can be easily removed when you choose to. At Crockers we have the correct glues and tools as well so when you buy your wallpaper we will tell you what you need to get the most professional job! 

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