Paint Recycling Program

Paint Recycling Program

Is your garage or shed full of old paint that you can no longer use? Or do you have old cans that you have no idea how to dispose of them? Well now you can bring them to us! Our paint recycling program allows you to bring your old or unwanted water based paints to us at any of our Crockers stores!

How does it work? Well its pretty easy. You are invited to bring in your old tins. Please bring only water based paints into the store during our hours of operation. Unfortunately we are unable to accept flammables or oil based products. You should call your local council to find out information about chemical cleanups for these items.

We hope you enjoy our services and while you are here online or in store, why not check out our range of paints and wallpapers that we have. Remember to spread the word about this great service too. Crockers are cleaning up Australia and making good use of old paint tins. What other business has a service that helps you clean up? Hmmm? 

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