LUXAPOOL Swimming Pool Paint-LUXAPOOL 2 Pack Epoxy and Chlorinated Rubber Swimming Pool Paints

Some How To Videos for you in a Step By Step Guide to Painting your Swimming Pool

1. How to test your pool coating -

2. How to wash with LUXAPOOL Concentrated Wash -

3. How to repair small cracks and divots with LUXAPOOL Structural Epoxy Filler -

4. How to abrade a pool surface which has been previously painted with an epoxy pool paint -

5. How to acid etch before painting -

6. How to prime bare cement render with LUXAPOOL Epoxy Primer-Sealer - Video to come

7. How to Paint Your Pool with LUXAPOOL Epoxy Pool Paint -


Spring and Summertime means it's a good time to renovate your tired old pool coating! Crockers are paint specialists and have the necessary tools and products for you to do it your self. Save thousands of $$$ by learning the process in repainting your or resurfacing your pool with LUXAPOOL Epoxy Swimming Pool Paint

The LUXAPOOL range of pool paints provide the highest quality in Swimming Pool painted finishes. LUXAPOOL 2 Pack Epoxy is suitable for pools both new and old, ponds and fountains, and commercial aquatic facilities e.g aquaculture, decorative fish ponds, wildlife sanctuary ponds and marine parks.

The LUXAPOOL Epoxy range of pool paints is a 2 pack product designed to give the most durable and longest wearing finish. LUXAPOOL Epoxy is suited for use over new and old cement render, fibreglass pools, marblesheen, pebblecrete and sound existing epoxy finishes. The Luxapool Epoxy finish is known for it's luxury finish, improved resistance to chalking, salt water and pool chlorination chemicals. It is algae controlled and safe for use with fish and mammals after proper surface conditioning.

Some points to consider:


  • approx 20-25 sq metres per coat per 4lt.
  • 2-3 coats are recommended


  • over 20 colours are available.


  • is of utmost importance. All technical data sheets must be read and all steps in preparation carried out to ensure the successful and professional result that this product offers


  • can be by brush and roller over properly prepared surfaces

The maximum life of the painted pool finish is due to: Adequate surface preparation, careful application and maintenance of pool chemistry. All of this information is available on our website. Please call us if you are not certain on the steps required for painting your pool.

The LUXAPOOLChlorinated Rubber range of pool paints is a single pack product for use over existing Chlorinated Rubber finishes or on old or new concrete pools. Chlorinated Rubber pool paint has superior adhesion over existing Chlorinated Rubber coatings.

This pool paint is also resistant to normal levels of swimming pool chemicals in both salt water and chlorinated systems. It delivers fine sealing properties and has a hard satin finish that is easily recoated and simple to maintain. It is available in 7 colours.

Coverage is approx 5 metre sq per litre per coat and 3-4 coats are required. All technical data sheets are provided and must be read before recoating.

NB: Luxapool Chlorinated Rubber Pool Paint must not be used over an existing epoxy pool coating.

Please visit our pool paint category to see products online and in store now. Also remember to check out the painting accessories range for top quality and Australian made paint brushes and rollers.

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